Friday, 24 February 2006

Akita Photo Essay

I live in Akita Prefecture. Akita has fish
and snow
and the coast has wind.
People from the south think that is all Akita has to offer, but they are wrong. Here I will show you what the north has to offer, and I promise you, you will feel jealous.

In Akita there is:
talented kids,
and taiko.

Mount Chokai,
cute kids,
famous fireworks festivals
and trees in the middle of the road.
Interesting places to shop,
students performing in traditional festivals;
fish festivals . . .
. . . that are guarded my scarier-than-usual beasts.
Schools with lots of space.
Samurai museums
in Kakunodate
where there is a whole district of museums
that people still live in.
Beautiful towns;
very beautiful,
with beautiful parks,
bamboo groves,
and let's not forget the unicylces in the elementary schools.

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