Saturday, 29 December 2012

Writing resolutions 2013

I have just put together my writing resolutions for 2013. I thought I would blog them here so that they are public, I am accountable for them, and you can call me on it at the end of the year if I don't achieve them. Without further ado:

Write first drafts of:

Three Dimensions Trilogy novelettes between books 1 and 2
12,000 words each, total 36,000

Reality Shifting, Dimensions Trilogy book 2
80,000 words

Three prequel Senjima no Monogatari novellas
20,000 each, total 60,000

Total writing goal:
176,000 words total
3520 per week (for 50 weeks)
704 per day (5 days a week)

Additional goals:

Revise Symmetry Breaking, Dimensions Trilogy book 1
Revise one Dimensions Trilogy novelette
Revise one Senjima no Monogatari novella

Breaking it down to a daily word count makes this list of resolutions look surprisingly achievable. I already know that I can easily write 700 words a day and not run out of puff. All I need to do is get in the habit of outlining or revising other stories after I have hit my daily word count. If that alone is my goal for 2013, I think I can manage that.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Trip to Marlborough Sounds

At our accommodation

Queen Charlotte Sound, from the mail boat

Queen Charlotte Sound

Kenepuru Sound

Kenepuru Sound

Driving along Kenepuru Sound

Queen Charlotte Sound

At the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre
Etrich Taube exhibit

The story behind this exhibit alone was worth the entry price
Grid's Great Escape exhibit
(Some kiwi bloke somersaulting off his crashing plane near a trench, then calmly walking in and asking to use their telephone. Classic.)

The Baron's Last Flight exhibit
(Australian soldiers stripping the Red Baron's craft)

A biplane in the sky. With ME IN IT!
(Photo by BL)

Biplane just after landing
(Photo by BL)

Me waving from the biplane
(Photo by BL)

Some cheesy person grinning in a biplane
(Photo by BL)