Thursday, 11 May 2006

This is turning into a photo blog

Here are some photos I took on Tuesday (the day I go to Kamagadai).

This was taken from in front of the school.

So was this.

This week the cherry trees in Kamagadai are in full bloom. That is two weeks later than in Konoura, which is a mere half hours drive away.

The next couple of photos were taken on the way back to Konoura. The town driver was nice enough to take the scenic route so that I could get good pictures.

There are a lot of wind turbines around here.

Mount Chokai from the Nikaho Plateau.

Beside the road somewhere near Otake (a part of Konoura).

Monday, 8 May 2006

Yesterday's Pictures

These pictures were all taken within 10 minutes walk of my house.

Took pictures of some flowers.
In this area, all the pine trees are being killed by a parasite. There used to be lovely forests here and a pine tree industry, but it is all gone now. It has taken little more than a decade for over a hundred kilometers along the coast to change to this.
There are a lot of unused fields in Konoura.
Getting ready for planting.

Already planted fields.
People like this ancient woman are the ones who maintain the fields.