Monday, 2 October 2006

Kanmanji Part 2

This plant took my fancy. I asked Atsuko to pose with it so you can see just how big it is.

I like this picture.
This is a bell tower.
This post used to be what visiting boats were tied to, back when this was a beach.
This tree is 1000 years old.
I thought this building looked delightfully shabby. It looks haunted.
But a good angle makes the other half of the building look rather nice.
The 1000 year old tree from a distance.
Kanmanji is painted in an archaic colour scheme. The purpose of the red paint is to scare demons away.
This appears to be a family memorial. The jars on the side are urns for ashes.
I have known for a long time about the geological history of the area, but I have never seen it so clearly as I did yesterday. I could almost see the sea that had once been there.

After Kanmanji, Atsuko and I went back to Atsuko's house and did some painting. Then we decided to buy gyoza from Nikaho Max Valu for dinner. Just as we got to the car park, a call came from Toshi. He said he had just bought a shabu-shabu pot, so the three of us ended up eating dinner together. We had shabu-shabu and gyoza.


Anonymous said...

heh heh - i definitely see what you mean about the similarities.... but we won't tell any of the koreans!

Catherine said...

How about the young people? I know from experience that many young Chinese people don't really hate Japan anymore, even though their parents do.

It seems so sad that politics is messing up the relationships between all the Asian countries. I am serious when I say that the average Japanese person is very interested in Korea and Korean things. If only governments were an accurate reflection of their countries . . .