Sunday, 8 July 2007


Japanese cedar trees

This is the candlestick tree. It is also called the nymph seat.

There were many fallen trees in Nakajimadai. It is usually typhoons that knocks them down.

This is a beech tree. It is one of the 100 Great Trees of Japan.

This is a charcoal-making kiln from over a hundred years ago.

Just below the bottom of the photo water was bubbling up out of the ground into this pool. Can you see the whirlpool in the middle of the photo? It was making quite a loud sucking noise.

This water was delicious.

In the distance is the Nikaho Plateau, which is fairly high itself. Nakajimadai is high up (and totally inaccessible in winter).

This is called the Greeting Tree.

Left: famous water. Right: famous moss.

Can you see the hole? It looked deeper and more scary in real life. That's where the water is coming up out of. You can hardly see the water it's so clean. It was delicious.

This is the famous moss, Chokai marimo. This pond is the only place in Japan where this moss can be found. There are two other places in the wold where is can be found. I forget where. Canada and Finland? Something like that. There are no rocks under that moss, it's all just moss.

This dragonfly was even more reluctant to move than the dragonfly I met last year. It totally ignored me and my camera.

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