Tuesday, 21 August 2007


On the 31st of July I visited a few places in Iwate Prefecture. Here are the pictures.

This is the campsite we stayed at. It had very good facilities, perhaps too good. It was supposed to be a seaside campground but I couldn't see any sea at all.

Then we drove to an area where we would be able to ride a tourist boat. These are pictures of the area where we waited for the boat.

Taken from the boat.

The purpose of the boat ride was to go out and look at these rocks. Apparently every now and then the sea hits these rocks in such a way that it makes a huge splash.

This is in Ryusendo, one of the largest limestone cave systems in Japan.

This water is 93 metres deep.

From higher up.

The first thing we saw when we came out of the caves.

A decoration on a bridge.

The same water that was in the caves.

The hills that I went tramping around the inside of.

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