Friday, 23 September 2011

Redux and welcome and things

I used to keep a blog, a long time ago when I lived in Japan. I would post lots of pictures, and natter on about life in Japan and all the surprises it would entail. I published the blog primarily so that my family and friends would know what I was up to without me having to email each and every one of them. I think other people read my blog too, but I'm not sure how frequently because I had no stats tracking at the time.

But then I returned to New Zealand, and no longer felt like blogging my daily life. I haven't blogged since 2007.

Well, this week is the SpecFicNZ blogging week and I'm now all inspired to start up a new blog. I've imported some of my posts about Japan from my old blog, because they make interesting viewing. I weeded out some of the more boring posts, such as when I burbled on about vegetables I had bought or how cool (?) my Sony Walkman MP3 player was.

What am I intending to write about at this new blog? Recently I've been having a serious crack at writing fiction. I've been working hard on honing my skills. I have also joined SpecFicNZ, the national association for creators, writers and editors of speculative fiction in and from New Zealand. I've even been elected to the SpecFicNZ Committee. I can therefore reasonably predict that writing will be a frequent topic.

As for what else I will be blogging about, I'm really not sure. Guess I will have to write and find out.
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