Monday, 18 June 2012

iPad = useful

So, the other week I bought an iPad. I was somewhat afraid that it would be a frivolous purchase, something to gather dust, but I am glad to say that is not the case at all. Some highlights of my time so far with my iPad:

  • Checking Twitter and my RSS feeds before getting out of bed on frosty weekend mornings.
  • 'Quickly looking something up' actually being a quick process (my computer is a few years old and so takes a few minutes to start up).
  • Curling up on the sofa to read the publishing world news.
  • Best of all, writing in Simplenote on the bus to and from work, and then synching my words to my Scrivener project file when I get home. A few times I have met my daily word target before getting home.

So, in summary, tablet computers are great for people like me. In a matter of days, my iPad has made my life more efficient and comfortable, and has unshackled me from my hours of sitting at my computer desk every night. Brilliant.


Unknown said...

Just be aware tho, with the Ipad, which sometimes I do find annoying is that you can't use hmtl5 and also adobe flash! One downfall but apart from that its great, love it how you can sync your photos etc thru the pc and with your Iphone,On the whole they are fantastic and as you said quick to start up and can also get a keyboard stand which is bluetooth easy to use etc. You might want to ask Roger as he has the keyboard stand for the ipad.Easier to type with than the keyboard on the ipad itself.

Unknown said...

Update on writing on the iPad:
I'm now writing in Index Card for iPad because with that app I can access the metadata for each scene in both index card and outline mode, and also the main text body. So I can see my outline as I write without any awkward copying of the outline into the main text as I was having to do with Simplenote. I don't know why this option is not more widely talked about. I think that maybe not many people have discovered the 'Long Text Field' function in Index Card (it is turned off by default). Anyway, it is awesome.

Unknown said...

Hi Fiona,
That's true about the lack of Flash support, but it's not a problem for me because I don't seem to use any websites that use Flash. At least, I haven't yet come across anything that won't load. I think that, with the exception of games, Flash is getting quite rare these days anyway. I have Click to Flash installed on my computer, and I haven't had to click anything to get it to load in ages.