Tuesday, 15 May 2012


You know what is hard? Pushing on with the first draft of a novel, and keeping up with blog posts as well.

You know what else is hard? Pushing on with the first draft of a novel and having more than 40% brain power to dedicate to any other task at all.

I'm so scatty at the moment. I've made some serious flubs recently. Oh well.

If you take a look over to the right you'll see that I'm about 43,000 words into my novel. I currently have a final target of 95,000 words for the project, but I think it is going to be shorter than that in the end, at least for the first draft. I am a chapter past what feels like the mid-way point. I was afraid that my pace would slow down, or even halt, when I got to the middle. Maybe I did slow down a little. But I'm still going, and I haven't struck a writer's block yet, which is excellent. I think I did just the right amount of outlining for this project.

It feels great to be doing this, not just saying that I want to do it.

I guess that would be my advice to other aspiring writers at the moment. Get your butt in that chair, and get writing. And I know everyone else says the same thing. But there's a reason cliches become cliches.

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