Friday, 10 August 2012

Googling at the right time

Over the last few weeks I have become increasingly irate that my copy of Womanthology, which I backed on Kickstarter a year ago, still hadn't arrived. I know that the project creator has been very sick, but still, I was sent an email saying the international orders were being shipped months ago. I've trawled all over the Kickstarter listing, sending emails and leaving comments hoping for some response. Sadly, nothing.

Sigh. I should learn that Google knows most things. When I Googled Womanthology the top link was a blog that had a post asking for people who haven't received their copies to add their names to a list. Sigh. It looks like my copy did go missing, after all.

Which I figured. Because Womanthology has been available on Amazon and in stores since March. New Zealand may suffer the tyranny of distance, but it's not on the Moon.


RAY DILLON said...

Hello, Catherine-

Just wanted to say sorry if you didn't get a reply sooner and/or couldn't find the info on the Kickstarter page. It has always just been Renae and Laura handling this thing and all correspondence. Renae nearly died and Laura had to leave the project to focus on her day job and her new baby girl!!! :D So, I have been helping with messages and orders that have gone missing. Almost entirely international copies, which makes me worried that just got held up in customs or something. But right now I have that list ready to go to IDW and a new copy to be sent. So I'm sorry for the delay, but we'll do everything we can to get you a copy.

Thank you SO much for supporting this amazing project! You are part of something special that has help a lot of people.

Have a great day!


Unknown said...

Hi Ray,

Thank you for your personal reply. I'm happy to hear that a new copy is on the way.
Reading back over this blog post, I'm regretting I wrote it because it is quite selfish. I'm very sorry about that. Please know, my largest source of irritation at the time was the postal service which apparently lost my first copy. With modern computerised tracking systems, this should not happen as often as it does.
I hope everything is going well with you and Renae now, and the second half of your year is going better than the first half.

Best wishes